Saturday, June 28, 2008

Over Da Rainbow

(screened before Another Gay Sequel)

Rapper Terrier (teh-ree-AY) has a music video for his new song, "Kill Faggots" off the triple-platinum album hoMOFObic, with lyrics like "a butthole ain't no buffet meal" and "stuff faggots' ass up with electric eels." Terrier wants to sample the 1980's "hair metal" song "Teri Why," but he must get Max Lightning's widow Theresa to sign off. She agrees on the condition that he reunite her with her estranged son Christopher, a gay-rights activist and childhood friend of Terrier's. Gee, do you suppose the lyric "so deviant, so sinister, that's why I love killin' faggots named Christopher" might have some relevance to the plot line?

It's a satire of the world of rap, where song lyrics are often only slightly less violently homophobic than this parody. I'm not at all sure, though, that people seeing the video by itself on the web (yes, it's out there) will grasp the context, even with the "" logo in the corner of the video, if they don't read the notes below it. I certainly hope that it will provoke the discussion it aims to begin, and perhaps shame some of the real rappers into selling music instead of hate. Recommended, with a caveat regarding extremely offensive content.

Over Da Rainbow, dir. Jay Lap, 2007 USA 20 min.

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