Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unspoken Passion (Sikil)

Thursday, June 19, 10:30 pm, Castro Theatre

Unspoken Passion is a work that will look familiar to fans of Filipino film, with the flamboyant older man who hires out the hunky younger "dancers," some of whom actually are straight and the rest who pretend. Unfortunately for those not already fans of the genre, Passion is mired in its conventions and clichés. The film spent entirely too long setting up the story — yes, okay, we get it already, the boy's father was a mean s.o.b.; can we please move on now? — before settling into the present. So much so, in fact, that I left before the sex scenes, which I'm sure were really steamy. Recommended if you're just looking for skin (especially if you can fast-forward through some of the setup), highly recommended if you're a devotée of "macho dancer" stories, but otherwise not recommended.

Unspoken Passion (Sikil), dir. Roni Bertubin, 2007 Philippines 109 min., in Tagalog (Filipino) with English subtitles

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