Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The New World (Le nouveau monde)

Saturday, June 21, 6:30 pm, Castro Theatre, NEWW21C
Tuesday, June 24, 7:00 pm, Elmwood Theatre (Berkeley), NEWW24E

Lucie and Marion, a young lesbian couple in Paris, decide to have a kid. First, they go through a harrowing pro­cess, audi­tion­ing pro­spec­tive sperm donors, each more deeply flawed than the last. The option of arti­fi­cial inse­mi­na­tion is una­vail­able, because French law permits it only for het­ero­sex­ual couples. Adop­tion is out of reach for simi­lar rea­sons. Finally, they find a way, but that brings on new chal­lenges: dealing with the reac­tions of their fami­lies, finding a new place to live, and working out the rela­tion­ships of the two mothers and the father to the new baby. The story is touching and compli­cated, but also often deeply funny. Highly recommended

The New World (Le nouveau monde), dir. Étienne Dhaene, 2007 France 90 min., in French with English subtitles

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  1. wonderful, a real gem and a delight to watch.
    poignant and realistic, while managing to pull off a believable reality with a positive spin.....highly recommended.....oh, and the actresses are H-O-T hot.

  2. I would like to watch it but I can't find the source since I doubt it would shown in my country..

  3. Terrible movie. Slow, boring. No character development. All conflicts drawn out but eventually ideally resolved. Hour and a half movie felt like three. I was so looking forward to this film and I was extremely disappointed.

  4. Not bad. Very movie-of-the-week. As TV lesbians they were young, thin, pretty and had a seemingly limitless amount of money. Nonetheless they did deal with homophobic family, a pushy biodad, and coming out at work. Despite its flaws I was very gad to see the movie on TV5MONDE.

  5. Delightful little movie, a bit low-budget and pedestrian but with highlights in the encounters between the people. Quite enjoyable, despite a lot of genre content and predictability. More reality and less craziness than, say, "French Twist".

  6. I would like much to watch this movie if you posting to download would make me very happy.thanx and waiting.