Monday, June 23, 2008

Steam (dir. Kyle Schickner)

Three very different women — a college student, a single mother, and a widow — meet in the steam room, hoping to melt away their troubles. Elizabeth, the college freshman, is struggling to break loose from her controlling, narrow-minded parents, and her world is rocked when she meets a seductive activist. Laurie (Ally Sheedy) is trying to cope with her ex-husband's efforts to use their son to get back at her, even as she begins a tricky relationship with the son's soccer coach, a man closer to her son's age than to her own. Doris (Ruby Dee) spends her days avoiding the church busybody committee until she meets a new man. All three stories are engaging and well told, with a wonderful performance especially by Ruby Dee. MUST SEE

Steam, dir. Kyle Schickner, 2007 USA 117 min., view the trailer

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  1. Loretta J. WilliamsMonday, August 04, 2008

    Steam is a fantastic film! I hope that those of us who have viewed the film -- I saw it at the Roxbury (MA.) Film Festival -- can help the director obtain a distributor so that it can be shown in theaters all over. The portrayal of women is outstanding. Ms. Ruby Dee portrays beautifully such a vibrant older woman. This is a must-see film!

  2. This film is thought-provoking and powerful. The voices are authentic, and the story is well written. The wealth of talent on screen, coupled with Kyle Schickner's directing and writing abilities make this film a true gem.

  3. Steam just started this weekend in Ft. Lauderdale. I saw it yesterday. Didn't knwo what to expect, and was totally blown away!

    There was nothing unreal, or fake, or "yeah, right, just in a movie" about it. Excellent directing, wonderful acting - everybody down to the smallest role!

    Movies help me grow by allowing me to participate in the experiences of the characters. This movie alowed me to see the world from three perspectives, and I feel I can empathize (i.e. put myself in somebody else's shoes) with women in their situation much better now.

    Thank you to Kyle,Ally, Ruby, Kate, Reshma, and all!

    I wish this movie was available for a wider audience! Definitly Oscar worthy!

  4. This was the best all-around movie I've seen at a queer film fest in years. I'm so happy this film finally got made, and I can't wait to see it debut in mainstream cinemas!