Friday, June 27, 2008

Pride Weekend at Frameline32

a few selections for the final 3 days of the Frameline32 festival; note that I have only seen the ones marked with

6:00 Cas: ∗Were the World Mine, choreographed h.s. rugby team — you gotta see this!
9:00 Vic: Chris & Don, gay lit icon Christopher Isherwood & his lover (doc.)

11:00a Cas: ∗Yes, Nurse! No, Nurse! silly, campy, Dutch musical
1:15 Cas: ∗Sordid Lives, preview of the new TV series coming later this year
6:00 Cas: ∗Kinsey Sicks, behind-the-wigs look at drag-a-pella politics
6:00 Vic: ∗Jihad for Love, doc. about gay Muslims. NOTE: jihad does not mean what the US media think it means!
8:30 Cas: Another Gay Sequel, must-see follow-up to Another Gay Movie

SUNDAY (all at the Castro Theatre)
11:30a: ∗"Fun in Girls Shorts," some real gems, as usual
2:00: ∗"Fun in Boys Shorts," not as good as the Girls, but still worth seeing
4:30: ∗Derek, moving doc. on Derek Jarman, narrated by Tilda Swinton
7:30: ∗Breakfast with Scot, closeted jocks reluctantly take on a foster child who challenges them on many levels

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  1. Linc didn't mention the Worldly Affairs shorts program that played this afternoon before Were the World Mine. Among the shorts, I especially liked The Postcard (from Korea) and the Brazilian You, Me and Him.

    For me Were the World Mine is a Must see! It looks like it'll be my favorite of this year's festival. It definitely got the longest sustained applause of any of the programs I've attended so far.

    I saw Yes Nurse! No Nurse! at the second showing at Frameline27 (2003) and 'Nurse Klivia' led us all in singing the title song! Highly recommended