Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Gay Old Time

"A Gay Old Time," a program of short films by or about older members of our LGBT community

Systolic/Diastolic (Sistole/Diastole): A short film dealing with end-of-life issues, including senility. Well done, highly recommended
Systolic/Diastolic (Sistole/Diastole), dir. Pelayo Muñiz, 2006 Spain 20 min., in Spanish with English subtitles

Forever's Gonna Start Tonight: (documentary) Vicki Marlane, at 71 "the oldest living, con­tin­u­ous­ly performing transgender drag performer" tells some tales, including Ethel Merman and the entire Broadway cast of Gypsy giving the female impersonators a standing ovation for their version. Highly recommended (also screened as part of the "Transtastic" shorts program)
Forever's Gonna Start Tonight, dir. Michelle Lawler, 2007 USA 9 min.

The Last Visit: a woman visits her bubbie (grandmother), wringing her hands as she brings the news, "Yes, bubbie, I met someone." Recom­men­ded
The Last Visit, dir. Bee Sack, 2007 Canada 5 min.

Congratulations, Daisy Graham: A schoolteacher is being honored for her many years of service, but she has something far more pressing to worry about (although she does pause long enough to correct the grammar in her congratulations letter): her partner fades in and out of contact with reality, sometimes violently. Daisy has a rifle and a box of bullets; how will she get out of this awful situation? Highly recom­men­ded
Congratulations, Daisy Graham, dir. Cassandra Nicolaou, 2007 Canada 15 min.

Downstream (Im Fluß): Two older women ponder the unthinkable: what will either of them do if the other passes away? Their lives are so interwoven after decades together that it's hard to imagine. We see them both literally and figuratively floating down the river of life together. Highly recom­men­ded
Downstream (Im Fluß), dirs. Claudia Lorenz & Cecilia Barriga, 2007 Switzerland 5 min., in German with English subtitles

Mirror Mirror: (no, not the famous Star Trek episode!) Joe has shared the last many years with his alter-ego Jana, but now he must kill off his inner drag queen. Highly recommended
Mirror Mirror, dir. John Winter, 2007 Australia 10 min.

Hello, My Name is Herman: I saw this one up in its native Toronto in May. The Queer Youth Digital Video Project helps a handful of young Torontonians make short films; Karine decided to introduce her grandfather to us. He's 91, and loves Karines's girlfriend almost as much as her. Definitely worth seeing twice; highly recommended
Hello, My Name is Herman, dir. Karine Silverwoman, 2007 Canada 10 min.

Just Me?: Am I really the only lesbian in the family, or is there something I should know about my great grandmother? It seems Nana had a "good friend" (and housemate and traveling companion) named Betty.... Excellent, MUST SEE
Just Me?, dir. Amy Neil, 2007 USA 22 min.

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1 comment:

  1. I am so glad I'm not the only one who thought of the old Star Trek episode!

    I didn't care for Downstream though. I'm ageist enough to not want to see naked 70 year olds — and as a Gay man, I certainly have no interest in seeing naked 70 year old women.

    I didn't get the symbolism of them floating down the river while I was watching the movie. It seemed a little pointless to me.