Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ruby Blue

Jack (Bob Hoskins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) is a recent widower, still trying to regain his footing after his wife's death. He has a flock of racing pigeons in the back yard, but even they only barely hold his interest. A nosy little girl begins to draw him out of his shell, but it's Stephanie, the French divorcée across the street, who gently nudges him to re-engage with life, giving him several surprises, some pleasant and others unsettling. A teenaged hooligan-in-training comes under Jack's wing, learning how to care for and race the pigeons. Things get ugly when the little girl goes missing and rumors fly that Jack is a pedophile, but Stephanie and some of the neighborhood children stand up for him. It's well-written, with strong performances across the board, and a story of hope and connection; MUST SEE

Ruby Blue, dir. Jan Dunn, 2008 UK 112 min.

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